News from Cuba

Garbage Pickup Day is Changing
Starting next week, the new regulations for private household garbage will take effect. Your garbage will no longer be picked up on Wednesdays, but on Friday mornings instead. Don’t forget to put out your garbage.

Watch out, Speeders! Speed Limit Has Been Lowered
Parents can breathe a sigh of relief. After many complaints about speeding cars, the speed limit outside of the city limits near the playground has now been lowered. We are happy about a quieter and safer town!

Our School Is Growing!
For quite some time now, our school has been too small to accommodate all the little residents of Cuba, but the expansion project is now underway. The school is going to add a new music room and a larger schoolyard. Anyone interested can take a look at a model of the expansion in the Town Hall.


Find information about the local city offices of Cuba. Who is responsible for what? What is the contact information for the individual departments?  
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