Events in Cuba

On this page, you can find out for yourself about what is going on in Cuba. Please contact us via the contact form if you would like to organize an event and publicize it on this website.  

This week:

City Council Meeting
Time: 7:00 pm.
Place: Town Hall
Description: This city council meeting is open to the public. Some of the scheduled discussion points are the planned expansion of the school and the new garbage pickup schedule.


Children’s Party at the School
Time: 2:30 pm.
Place: Elementary School
Description: Every year, our elementary school organizes a party for the big and small residents of Cuba.

Next Week:

Open House at the Fire Station
Time: 3:00 pm.
Place: Fire Station
Description: All interested residents can come and visit the fire station that day from the inside. 


Find information about the local city offices of Cuba. Who is responsible for what? What is the contact information for the individual departments?  
Click here for more information.


Check out the Events page to find out what is going on in our beautiful town.